Wedding Flights-2

All Wedding Flights/Action Stations valued at $45 are included for the Bride or Groom with ticket.* Limit one free flight Per Engaged Couple.  Guests can buy a additional ‘Food Flight Pass’ for $5 if desired which covers all of the food stations (5 total).


Signature Drinks Flights – $2 pp

3 samples of some of your favorite Signature Drinks.
Because of PA Liquor Laws, there is a $2 charge for a sample flight
of 3 drinks
and you must be over 21.

Fee: Brides or Grooms $2 per flight • Guests $2 per flight

Slider Flight

Slider Flight includes Crabcake Slider, Pork Slider,and a Burger Slider courtesy of Doubletree Greentree. Free for Bride or Groom, Guests can buy a additional ‘Food Flight Pass’ for $5.

Cake Flights

2-3 samples of Wedding Cakes or Desserts – From Mild to Wild courtesy of Prant’s Bakery. Cake selection will vary. Free for Bride or Groom, Guests can buy a additional ‘Food Flight Pass’ for $5.

BBQ Flight

BBQ Flight includes Half BBQ Pork or Half Chicken Tender Slider, pasta salad and baked beans courtesy of Tommy’s Catering. Free for Bride or Groom, Guests can buy a additional ‘Food Flight Pass’ for $5.

Skewer Flight

Our Skewer Flight includes pastas, cheeses, various meats all on a skewer drizzled with unique sauces courtesy of The Fez. Free for Bride or Groom, Guests can buy a additional ‘Food Flight Pass’ for $5.

Sub Zero Ice Cream (Just Added this week)

If you want some really fun, really delicious Ice Cream for your wedding then we might just have the answer.  Sub Zero Ice Cream makes its ice cream on site with -320 degrees nitrogen! We’re told it is the softest, smoothest, and tastiest ice cream you’ll ever have.  That’s a challenge I think everyone is willing to take.  Flavors include: vanilla, cake batter with chocolate chip cookie dough and sprinkles, and peanut butter bonds sensation (see below). Free for Bride or Groom, Guests can buy a additional ‘Food Flight Pass’ for $5.


Hobby Prodigy Craft Station – Make-A-Bag $25 value.

Enjoy the Hobby Prodigy craft station & make a really fun make up bag for your wedding. This is included for bride or groom. Other party members can join in for $5 per person payable to Hobby Prodigy at the show. One per person. Different colors and sayings available.

How Long for a Bridal Veil??

See what length veil would be perfect for you – short, medium, or long courtesy of Koda Bridal. Test it out at the show with our 3 Way Mirror set-up.

Build a Bouquet Station

Make suggestions to a florist as she makes bouquets live courtesy of Ivy Green Florist and Parkway Florist. Suggest flowers, ribbon, style as you create a fun and novel bouquet.

The Wedding Planner is ‘IN’

Have a wedding ‘situation’ that has got you stumped? Want to try something new but need a little pep talk. Or just want to get a second opinion. Our Wedding Planner Tonya Edinger will be answering questions all day long a the Wedding Planner is ‘IN’ booth courtesy of Brideshow Inc. and Weddings of Pittsburgh

Take the Limo Lap and explore between 3 and 4 limousines

Explore between 3 and 4 limos to see what is best for your wedding day. Sit in a party bus, a trolley or stretch limo. Limos include: Brand New 2018 Chrysler 300 Stretch, and 2 Black Party Buses with different interiors

More Action Stations to be announced soon!

*except alcohol flights which by law must be purchased ($2). If a bride or groom receives free tickets from a vendor or wins them online he/she is still eligible for all food flights and Hobby Prodigy craft which is included with ticket (except alcohol) – but it is limited to one per couple.  Guests may still buy a Food Flight Pass for $5.  The $5 Food Flight Pass includes food only and does not include the signature drink flight or the Hobby Prodigy Make-A-Bag which can be purchased directly at those booths for an additional fee.